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Local trade directories were published for the parish of bathford from 1854 to 1940 and for about ten more years after 1945. These contain details of the residents, their occupation and in some cases their address. The directories were initially published every two years and later annually and provide a source of information to compliment the census records, filling gaps between the census years.

The contents of the directories for the period 1841 to 1940 have been transcribed into electronic format and are combined as a table in screen format and as a downloadable Excel file. They have also been split into separate files for the 19th and 20th centuries. The 1950 edition of the Kelly Bathford Directory is also provided in electronic format.

Directories - click on link to view

Excel File

Bathford Trade Directories 1854-1940 combined (7.8 Mb) (1.3 Mb)
Bathford Trade Directories 1854-1899 combined (2.2 Mb) (410 Kb)
Bathford Trade Directories 1900-1940 combined (5.2 Mb) (973 Kb)
Bathford Kelly Directory 1950 (135 Kb) (39 Kb)

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