The Bathford Society

Site Information - Site Layout and Navigation

The layout of the each page shows the organisation of information on the web site.

Below the site name, there is a "navigation" bar with a link to each main category of information. This is a hierarchy - for example - "Buildings" leads to a page listing all the buildings with link to each. To the right is a "search" box which provides a facility to search for text across the entire website without reference to the navigation hierachy:

The left margin has a list of common "linked information" followed by links particular to the page being displayed. This provides direct access to information as an alternative to the navigation bar - for example - to the list of all the PDF format history projects:

At the top of the main area of each page below the navigation bar, the path from the Home page is shown as a set of return links along the navigation route:

At the bottom of the page is a set of "site information" links. These cover general aspects of the use of the site and the information held on it:

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