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These are personal reminscences and memories of people who live or lived in the parish of Bathford.

Adam Beer also known as Tad, was born in 1961 and lived at The New Inn where his father, Edwin Beer was landlord. To read more, click on Adam (Tad) Beer - Childhood at The New Inn, Bathford.

Tony Gunton lived as a child at "Tip Top" on Prospect Place in the late 1940s. To read Tony's memories, click on Memories of my early childhood in Bathford in the late 1940s.

Joyce Helps has lived in or near Bathford nearly all her life. Joyce gave a talk to Bathford Society in January 2015 in words, poems and pictures and a transcript with thumbnail pictures is on the website. Click The Story of My Life for details. In 1937 Joyce became housemaid to the Skrine family at Warleigh Manor. In the document Through the Back Door, Joyce gives detailed recollections and reminiscences of the way Warleigh Manor House was organised and her life there in the years prior to WW2.

We also have an account of David Howells interview with Joyce about her memories of life in Bathford during WWII Notes of an interview with Joyce on 30th August to Record her Memories of Life in Bathford During World War 2.

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