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The Estate of Alice Wilson

The following article is accompanied by a photograph of Mrs Wynne Wilson after she had opened the Bathford War Memorial Playing Field, a gift of her late husband, a former Bishop of Bath and Wells

Mrs Alice Lilian Proctor Wilson, of Titan Barrow, Bathford, widow of Dr. St. J.B. Wynne Wilson, a former Bishop of Bath and Wells, and daughter of the late Sir George Alfred Wills Bt., died on November 4th leaving 745,737 2s 8d gross, 514,607 10s 7d net value (duty paid 217,374).

Her father was a member of the Bristol firm of tobacco magnates. She wished to be cremated and her ashes placed with her husband's in the cathedral Garth at Wells.

She left 250 to her secretary, John Cooper. 1,000 for distribution amongst employees or friends not mentioned in her will at the discretion of her trustees. 1,500 to the Bath and Wells Diocesan Board of Finance for augmenting the stipends of clergy of the Diocese 200 to the parochial church council of Bathford 250 to Partis College, Bath A sum equal to gross unpaid payments under a Deed of Covenant undertaken to pay 2,000 a year for eight years from April 1st, 1949 to Dr H.W. Bradfield, Bishop of Bath and Wells, for the advancement of religion in the Diocese of Bath and Wells The cottages occupied by them and the gardens therein to Mr Courage and Mr Charles Howard or their wives 500 each to Mrs Lorna Ball, Mrs Ursula Simpson, and Miss Brenda Lea 200 each to Mrs Elsie Taylor and Mr Walter Thyer 150 to Mr Cannings, 50 each to Mrs Cannings and Mrs Ruth Earl, 25 each to Mrs Lily Hoggs and Mrs Eunice Baber 10,000 to Ellison F. Eberle 2,000 to Dame Nellie Jane Wills 1,000 each to her nephew Sir John V. Wills and her niece Jean M.V. Hill 12,000 equally between the brothers and sisters of her late husband or their children

Her personal chattels to Mrs Jean M.V. Hill and Sir John V. Wills requesting them to give effect to any memorandum left by her, but creating no trust in the matter, and the residue as to half as to two shares to her said nephew John V. Wills and one share to her niece Jean M.V. Hill or their children, and half to the brothers and sisters of her late husband, or their children. Probate has been granted to her brother in law Ellison F. Eberle company director of Goldney House, Clifton, Bristol, her sister in law dame Nellie J. Wills of Coombe Lodge, Blagdon,, her nephew Sir John V. Wills Bt., of Coombe Lodge aforesaid, and to John F.V. Cooper, secretary of 23 Portway, Wells.

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