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The historical information we have on the residents of the parish in past times is, for most, derived from parish records, census records and local trade directories. Alan Craig undertook a large amount of research into these records and into the "big" families of the area - the Yeeles, the Wiltshires, the Skrines ... However, most of this legacy still awaits collation and conversion to an electronic medium before it can be added to the website.

The topics currently in this section are a mixed bag and in some cases the result of detailed research from no more than a phrase or inscription carved in stone....

Baldwin - Charles Barnfield - Josiah Cannings - Arthur Bevan
Eaton Sisters Lavington Family Pickwick Family from 1694/5
Skrine Family Smartt - Captain William Francis Southern Bathford - Landowners and Residents
Whiteley - Gerald Wickham - Lt. D.T. Wilkinson - Lily
Wilson - Alice

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