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Toc H - Bathford Branch

Toc H (TH) is an international Christian movement. The name is an abbreviation for Talbot House, 'Toc' signifying the letter T in the signals spelling alphabet used by the British Army in World War I. A soldiers' rest and recreation centre named Talbot House was founded in December 1915 at Poperinghe, Belgium and was named in memory of Gilbert Talbot who had been killed at Hooge in July 1915. In 1920 one of the founders, Rev. Philip Clayton founded a Christian youth centre in London, also called Toc H, which developed into an interdenominational association for Christian social services.

There are records from a Toc H group in Bathford in the period 1934 to 1938. Click on Toc H Job Master's Book for a transcription of these records.

Source: Bathford Past and Present

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