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"Local Look" is a monthly magazine delivered to houses on the East side of Bath and in the surrounding villages. Local history articles about Bathford appear in Local Look from time to time and copies are on the Bathford Society website.

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Airgraphs - David A Howells February 2017

A Link Between Bathford and Bathampton Churches - David A Howells March 2016

A Tale of Two Old Maps - David A Howells October 2018

An Inn of Many Names - The New Inn at Bathford - Kirsten Elliott September 2016

Bathford Life Two Centuries Ago - David A Howells February 2019

Bathford Mill

Bathford Papermill: A Photo Essay from 1935 - Stuart Burroughs September 2016

Bathford - The Diamond Jubilee - David A Howells

Bathford's Baptist Chapel - the End of an Era - David A Howells March 2013

Bathford's Mystery Stone - David A Howells October 2017

Bathford's Historic Bridge - David A Howells 2015

Bathford's Other Schools - David A Howells November 2016

Bathford's Parish Hall - A History - David A Howells November 2017

Eagle House, Bathford

Early Schools in Bathford - David A Howells April 2016

GWR & Bathford - David Howells 2015

House Ablaze at Bathford! - David A Howells 2014

Kingsdown and its Sheep Fair - Fae Hall 2015

Memories of Box Road - Akeman Press September 2018

Memories of the Warleigh Ferry Boat - Joyce Helps with David A Howells April 2017

Men of Bathford and the Somme - David A Howells July 2016

Oak Apple Day - Joyce Helps and David A Howells 2018

Our Roads Then and Now - David A Howells January 2016

Surprises in an old Photo Album - David A Howells 2014

Tales of the Railway: Bathford Bridge - Andrew Swift November 2016

Tales of the Railway: Bathford Halt - Andrew Swift January 2017

The Bells of St Swithun, Bathford - John Smart, Martin Wright, David A Howells 2014

The End of the Family Line at Warleigh Manor - David A Howells July 2015

The Morley Family of Shockerwick - David A Howells November 2014

The Real Mr Pickwick - David A Howells 2018

The Royal and Rocky Road from Bath to Kingsdown - Fae Hall 2015

The Sally in the Wood Road - Again! - David A Howells May 2012

The Story behind Eric Guillebaud - David A Howells May 2015

The Story of the Withy Bed - David A Howells October 2016

The Story of T.R.Hayes - David A Howells 2016

Titan Barrow House - Fae Hall February 2015

Warleigh Ferry - Andrew Swift February 2017

Who Lies There? - David A Howells 2015

Who Was St Swithun? - David A Howells June 2017

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