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Bathford National School Log Books

The parish of Bathford established its Day School in 1837. A new stone building was built in Church Street on the site of the old court barn by Lower House Farm and the school opened in 1839 with a school master and school mistress and about 140 children.

The Elementary Education Act of 1870 brought about changes in education of children across the country and in 1872 the Bathford National School became eligible for government grants. The teachers answered to the school governers and had to keep a log of the activities of the school. The logs for the period 1872 to 1909 have been retained by the school and Bathford Society has been encouraged to publish these as a historical record.

This document is a direct transcript of the hand written logs from this period.

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Bathford School Log Books 1872-1909 (1.2Mb)

Source: Researched by Fae Hall with images by David A Howells (2007)
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